Gboard starts testing Smart search options for recommendations


Google has been on a mission to improve the Gboard at regular intervals. Thus, we can see the updates for Gboard have been taking place at frequent intervals. We all know that recently, Google added a built in search functionality to Gboard. But we hardly use it and some of us might even not know about it.

Gboard Smart Search

But now Google is about to make this feature more useful. The latest research by Google reveals that it has been working to help you find content relevant to what you type. This will be done by modifying the G logo.

The testing of this feature has been going on since long time. But the issue was difficulty in predicting what it was. But now recent reports have revealed about the new update. With this update Google has made the search feature more smarter. With which, whatever you type will be converted into a smiley face, GIF icon, a search icon, etc. This prediction will be revealed in the predictive bar. Moreover, The G logo may also become a search icon when typing names of known celebrities. Tapping on the search icon, Gboard does a regular search and provides you with shareable info cards.

For some users this feature is available while for others will have to wait till global roll out. Actually it’s a server side feature, so those who eagerly want it need to wait even if you have the latest beta version of Gboard updated.


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