Google Chrome update enhances productivity and performance


Google Chrome is receiving a new update that gives the browser a productivity boost. This update brings minor features like sending links to highlighted text, naming windows, et cetera. The update also brings a performance boost along with the changes that speed up the Chrome Browser and saves RAM. The new update is made keeping in mind those who spend several hours a day on the Internet.

Google Chrome

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Features of the Update

  • Copy Link to the text – Usually, when you want to share an article or a specific text with someone, you copy the link from the address bar. With the new update, you can directly highlight the text that you want to share, right-click and choose the “copy link to highlight” feature. You can share the link to any messaging app and it opens up to the exact section of the article that you want the other person to see.
  • PDF Mode – The new PDF reader feature on the Chrome browser lets you navigate to the section where you want to scan through the thumbnails on the side. This feature has an address bar, presentation mode, no distraction mode that hides the toolbar, a two-page view, document properties, et cetera. With this feature, the users do not need to access any third-party PDF readers.
  • Performance Improvement – The update brings performance improvements that let Google Chrome use less CPU usage and save battery life and keep the heat levels under control. It prioritizes the active tabs over the inactive ones and brings a 65% improvement in energy impact.
  • Mute Mode – A new minor feature lets you mute all notifications that may cause distractions while presenting or sharing something through the browser. It also allows renaming the tab groups to easily navigate them.

The new features of the Chrome browser may start rolling out soon to users across the globe and bring utmost convenience to the users.

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