Chrome enables you to preview a page before it fully loads on Android


As promised by Google, Chrome Browser is receiving frequent updates with add-on features. Recently the search giant pushed the grid layout feature with the ability to pair them together. Followed by this were various latest attributes Chrome OS bagged on its 10th birthday. And now, there’s a new addition to Chrome for Android, the browser lets you preview a page before it fully opens.

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The “Preview Page” option is available at the Context menu that appears when we long-press a link. You can see this option between “Open in incognito tab” and “Copy link address,” by tapping slides up for the page that covers the majority of your screen.

The top bar comprises the name of the page, site’s favicon, and domain, with a button to open in a proper window if the tabs are a part of groups. Also, You can close it like before i.e; by pressing ‘X’ on the top-right corner or by swiping down on the pull tab.

Preview Page

This addition is surprisingly useful for certain users, especially in light of how tabs open today. It gives you a chance to decide whether something is worth committing to a group, and makes you more judicious about open page/queue management.

This feature gives users the power to judge the site and decide if the page is worth your requirement or not. If we recall the previous versions of tabs introduction and how they’re performing today, this minor change can act as a privilege for several surfers.

Google has been for the “Preview Page” option for over two years and finally, it is ready to join the family as a stable channel. The feature will start rolling out this evening via a server-side update for Android comprising Chrome 89.

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