Google Chrome’s media player update brings new features and enhancements


At the beginning of last year, Google introduced new media playback control for Chrome canary channel. Last month, Google was spotted testing new features for global media controls in Chrome. It seems that the phase has passed as the company is rolling out an update that brings several new features and enhancements to the media player.

Google Chrome media player

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The new traits include an output picker, artwork adjustments, volume controls, and more. Here are the upcoming changes for Google Chrome’s media player.

Output picker

The developers are trying to help users easily change the output device by adding a new button to the media player. The button will appear beneath the title track, and tapping it will open a drop-down list of all the available output devices.

Output pickerOutput picker

Artwork adjustments

Just in case if the album art is too big to fit in the small square window on the media player, it is chopped off. Due to this, the artwork becoming unintelligible. This issue is also taken into consideration with this update. The artwork will automatically shrink to fit in the square. Alternatively, if the contracted space is empty, Chrome will fill the space with a complementary background color. On the other way, if a song doesn’t have any artwork, Chrome will display a blank square.

Artwork adjustments

Volume Control

There is one more feature adding to these two, a new button will be there to control volume in Google Chrome’s media player. After updating, the media player will include a volume slider and a mute button. Moreover, the developer’s team is also testing minor changes to the button layout. This will probably remove the next song/previous song buttons from the top of the media player.

Volume Control

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