OnePlus Watch receives Always-On Display in the latest update


OnePlus Watch has not been received well as a smart fitness band since its launch. The company is now pushing updates to the product which brings Always-On-Display but at the cost of its battery life.

OnePlus Watch

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OnePlus Watch update

OnePlus is delivering out a new update that brings an Always-On-Display feature which puts the smartwatch at par with other brands. However, AOD costs the battery life of the smartwatch. As the debate stands, smartwatches are supposed to display the time at all times. They should keep the information ready always even when you are not looking. But, the condition that lies here is, it should not have a negative impact on the battery life. The update also brings Remote Camera Control for phones and marathon workout trackers.

OnePlus has always been against the Always-On-Display feature because of the same reason that it affects battery life. OnePlus community recently voted for the most requested feature which eventually leads to regret. The company is now rolling out the update with an important footnote that warns the users about the smart band’s battery life. Enabling the feature would lead to slashing the battery life by half, turning two weeks into one. Still, it is more and convenient to offer as compared to other smartwatch brands. There is a long way to go for the OnePlus smart fitness bands with these small updates coming their way.

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