Google examines new features for global media controls in Chrome


At the beginning of last year, Google introduced new media playback controls for Chrome and Chrome OS. The feature helps the user to control music and videos playing in the background without opening the specific window. It added an icon next to the address bar that provided playback controls, song title and currently playing URL. Google is pushing an update to this useful feature on Chrome and Chrome OS.

global media controls

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The new build adds a progress bar and backgrounds that match the album art or thumbnail. The new design is currently hidden behind a flag on the latest Chrome Canary build version 91. To activate and access the media control, download the latest Chrome OS and follow the below steps

  1. Open the chrome://flags page.
  2. Search for global media controls i.e; #global-media-controls-modern-ui flag.
  3. Toggle this flag to permit new controls.

    enable global media controls

Once enabled, you will see a new progress bar with fresh media controls while you are playing audio or video. The changes are similar on Chromebooks as Google has shuffled the position of every UI element.

The playback controls are now positioned at the top. Following this are the new progress bar, album art, song title, and current URL. Moreover, the window has a dynamic background that mix matches with the album cover and title theme. On the other hand, The media controls are still integrated with the quick setting tiles by default.

global media controls


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