Google is not taking the liability for the Pixel camera glass shattering

Last December, Google Pixel 7 users reported the rear camera glass shattering issue. The same complaint got raised by several users. The users are expecting a helpful resolution from the search giant. However, it is said that all of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro that got camera glass shattered were not dropped. Also, users said that they did nothing to the device that could damage the glass.

Certainly, many users on Reddit and other social media platforms are disappointed and enraged by the issue. As per some reports, it occurred due to the aluminum material used in the design.

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Google’s Response to camera glass shattering

To sum up, a Reddit user complained about the same issue that occurred to his Pixel 7 Pro, for instance. He stated that he had been struggling to get the company to cover this spontaneous shattering under warranty despite sharing several Reddit articles, Google support case IDs, etc. But proving that they have covered it under warranty for some customers who have faced the same issue has become difficult. The company is saying they don’t cover “physical damage”.

Furthermore, the same user got gutted by the response and further he revealed that he was asked to pay $400 to repair at a service center. For reference, there was no physical impact, nor did he drop his phone, exert stress, or was it subject to extreme temperature fluctuations. As a result, the user also stated that Google is taking no ownership of the issue or treating consumers equitably.

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