Google Meet adds ‘limit data usage’ option to save battery life


Google Meet for Android and iOS is adding ‘limit data usage’ that saves battery life. The new feature also optimizes the video quality for the devices and network conditions.

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The New Mode

Google is already working on developing device adjustability, network, et cetera, to “provide the best possible meeting experience.”

Now the Meet app for Android and iOS focuses on:

  • Minimizing cellular data usage
  • Maximizing battery life
  • Freeing up the device’s CPU and memory for other tasks.

The company has come up with ‘Limit data usage’ that fulfills the motive of the meeting app. Besides the ‘Send more diagnostic info,’ it is the only option available in the Settings of the Meet mobile app. It means that instead of reducing data usage, the app or network chooses to operate according to the available bandwidth.

The option allows users to save the network data when they use it to attend a school or work meetings at home. To attend the meeting in higher quality, users can simply turn the data saver toggle off from the Settings. Informatively, the feature just doesn’t apply to actual data usage. It saves battery power and removes the load from the phone’s CPU, putting most of the burden on the remote server.

Google is rolling out the latest mode for the Meet app on Android and iOS, but it may take some time to be completely available to the users.

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