Google is working to refine Meet and Zoom apps’ performance on Chromebooks


After the world is hit by COVID-19 pandemic, remote work and online education have become the new trends. Google and other big giants made things easier throughout the lockdowns by bringing forth apps such as Google Meet and Zoom. For those in confusion, these apps provide audio call, video call and chat facility.

google meet and zoom

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Despite these distinctions, there are some common glitches that Google is addressing on Chromebooks to improve the overall performance of these apps. There are some noise filtration issues, efficiency bottlenecks and video-calling quality glitches. Apart from fixing these, Google has added on some new features like grid view, vacate unnecessary processing while making audio or video calls. Adding on to this, Meet video streaming has now improved. It is officially claimed that

  • They are optimizing Meet and Zoom Chromebook apps to handle all-day video conferences along with the flawless operation of other apps and software while maintaining the performance and efficiency balance.
  • Meet will now also adapt to the speed of your network by temporarily turning off some video feeds, to make sure you’re not interrupted if several people are using your connection at the same time.
  • Zoom will adjust video performance based on the number of devices and number of users.

However, the major differences between both are as below:

  • Google Meet is an application that needs to be downloaded whereas Zoom can be accessed through websites as well. (Since last month, Google Meet is offering website access to its service).
  • Unlike Zoom, Google Meet provides no background customization. (Background Customization is now available for Google Meet too).
  • Zoom and Google Meet handles 100 and 250 participants, respectively.
  • Google Meet allows an hour of video call whereas Zoom permits 40 minutes, On the contrary, Zoom makes it possible for 49 people to present on-screen at a single time while the number for Google Meet is 16.

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