Google Messages gets redesigned home screen for Android 14 Beta users

The home screen update for Google Messages has been broadly handed out to users in the beta channel. The most recent version is 20230719_05_RC00, however, today’s new top bar is a server-side change. Interesting changes are being made by Google to the Messages home screen, including the removal of the navigation drawer and the addition of prominent branding to the Android app.

Eventually, this redesign appears to be very certain as testing intensifies, despite not yet being visible to stable users. With beta version 20230717_01_RC00, Google Messages‘ home screen has undergone another change. Instead of the top part being entirely flat, there is now an app bar with a deeper Dynamic Color tone.

With this redesign, message organization, which had recently come back for beta users is not enabled. Meanwhile, Google has somewhat modified the search criteria. This new appearance has not yet been widely adopted. A magnifying glass symbol is all you get in place of a full-width search bar. The four-color “G” logo for Google is in the top-left corner, followed by “Messages.”

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As of right now, it doesn’t seem like Google has a message telling users to tap their avatar to access anything that was previously accessible through the hamburger menu or navigation drawer. It’s leading to some complications. With this new appearance, message organization is still not accessible, though Google could add it later.

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Only a small number of individuals are now using the revamped software, which seems to be spreading out gradually. It can take weeks for it to reach your device.

Aditya Rasik
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