Google Photos’ New Uploads aren’t being Counted against their Quota for Some Users!

With the onset of higher resolution cameras equipped right on our smartphones, clicking photos has transformed from being a vanity fair to a part and parcel of our lives. Therefore, the amount of photos we click on every day and store has also increased many folds. Finding that the physical storage space on their devices was running out, consumers started looking forward to cloud-based options. The most popular cloud-based media backup solution emerged to be Google Photos. Its most special feature was the ability to backup unlimited photos for free (at high quality). However, a few months back, Google announced that they’re changing this policy. Starting from 1st June, any new photos uploaded to Google Photos would count towards the user’s storage quota. The new policy has since come into effect. However, some users have managed to upload new media to the cloud without it counting towards their storage quota. 

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Why new uploads to Photos aren’t counting against the storage quota?

A few users have reported that they’re able to upload GBs worth of new media (after 1st June), which didn’t add up to their existing 15GB of free storage. When Android Police reached out to Google for an explanation, Google said that the new policy is being gradually rolled out. Therefore, some users can still upload new data freely as the new policy hasn’t been enforced on their accounts yet. However, it’s not garden and roses forever as the policy will be eventually rolled out to all the accounts. 

Google also mentioned that there could be a processing lag when it comes to the new uploads. As a result, the newly acquired storage isn’t being reflected immediately. The storage quota will be updated eventually once the processing is complete. Hence, due to one of the two aforementioned reasons, users might be tricked into thinking that they are exempted from the policy. The only consumers exempted are eligible Pixel owners. Do let us know if you faced this scenario in the comments. 

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