Google Translate gets the Material You design and a “Quick Translate” widget

Since the launch of Android 12, Google has updated plenty of its stock apps to sync with the latest Material You design language. This includes GmailYouTube Music, weather widgets, and more. Now, another Google app is getting a revamped widget— Google Translate.

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Last year, the Google Translate app got the Material You redesign. However, there were no changes in the home screen widget, but this is finally changing. Earlier, the widget was quite plain offering a quick 1×1 shortcut that allows to quickly create and launch a specific language pairing app like text, camera, or more.

On the other side, the new “Quick Translate” widget is more capable, useful, responsive, and interactive in nature. It consists of two rows, providing shortcuts to voice translation, conversation, transcribes, and camera mode. Although, the number of shortcuts changes as you resize the widget.

The top row allows you to set the language pairing, tapping on which will immediately open the app. While the clipboard shortcut can be accessed from the right side. If your smartphone operates the latest Android 12, the widget will be coordinated with the dominant color of your wallpaper as in the Material You design.

The Dynamic Color theming and Translate Quick Actions widget is a part of Google Translate v6.35. The update is not having a wider rollout as of now. Though it is just a matter of time before the new widget starts rolling out to everyone.

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