India now have most number of active Facebook users, beats the US


According to a recent report released by Facebook this July for its advertisers, India is at the first position in largest number of active users tally. Beating the USA to have the most number of active users on Facebook until now. While there are 240 Million active users in the USA, India beats it by a margin of 1 million by having 241 Million active users of Facebook.

However, only 241 Million out of 462 Million Internet users in India use Facebook on a daily basis. Whereas 240 out of 280 Million in the USA uses Facebook, which is more than 90% of its total population. This means that a larger portion of the Indian Internet population is still not using Facebook despite Facebook reaching 2 Billion active users recently.

It is also worth noting that 84% of total Facebook active users in India access the social networking site from their mobile devices. This shows that a larger population of India have access to a smartphone and a reliable internet connection thus denoting a Digital India.

With Facebook recently launching the Facebook Messenger Lite in India and the increased growth of internet connections across the country. The numbers are only bound to grow in the near future and India might retain the top spot for the coming years if this trend continues.

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