New Renders Featuring Google Pixel Surfaces


There’s high probability you already have 4th October marker on your calendars but in case you’re not aware of it, Google will be unveiling the new Pixel (R.I.P. Nexus) devices on this date. The Pixel and the Pixel XL, manufactured by HTC will be unveiled by Google in an event on 4th October. We’ve had a plethora of rumors and leaked information about the devices but for the first time, the Google Pixel devices have featured in a live render.


While there is no way to tell whether the device in the pictures is Pixel or Pixel XL, we have reasons to believe both of them will be sporting the same design. The device sports a metal back which extends up to about 2/3rd of the back. The upper portion which houses the camera and the fingerprint scanner is differently colored and could be plastic or glass.


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