New Nexus 7 has Multi-Touch Issues Also


Well a couple of days back we posted about the GPS Connectivity Issues in the new Generation Nexus 7. And not much time has passed and the users are also complaining about the worse Multi-touch¬† functionality throughout it’s 7 inch of display.

nexus 7 issues

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As the reports say, the display registers phantom touches on the display when you try to use more than one finger on it. And that can be more easily observed when you are typing as the device inputs the wrong keys on the keyboard.

It is still unknown whether the problem is in the Hardware or is it the Software that is bringing out such results. If this is a software problem, it could always be fixed with a simple Software update in near future. As the last scenario, Google has been made aware of it, and they are currently working to resolve the problems. You could see the Multi-Touch issue in the video below.




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