Nokia 3310 has started shipping, to be available from May along with other new models


Despite being a feature phone, the iconic Nokia 3310 carries a nostalgia factor like no other. It is the granddaddy of all feature phones. So understandably fans have been waiting for its release quite impatiently.

Nokia 3310 Shipping

Today HMD global the company which owns the rights to the feature phone, announced on its Twitter account that the Nokia 3310 has started shipping along with a short video clip. Now the message is somewhat cryptic as it does not state where the phones are shipping. We presume that either the company has a liking for riddles or it wants to create hype like it did at MWC 2017.

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Nokia might reveal this particular availability information in New Delhi on Monday where a press event is scheduled. Also, the company might have started shipping supplies globally but it is not formed. We are hinting it because UK retailer, Clove Technology has put the Nokia 3310 up for pre-orders and has got huge response. But you still might not get it before June. 

Fans of the Nokia brand are impatient not only for the Nokia 3310 but also for the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6 which are all Android devices. Some of them took to Twitter to ask for clarification as to the availability of the 4 devices. Nokia has answered them with some copy-pasted answers a couple of times.

Hi, we will be releasing our products globally in the next few months, stay tuned to our page for further announcements.

When asked specifically about the Nokia 6 availability the company gave the following answer.

Some fans have also complained of the long delay in the feature phone’s release to which Nokia gave a casual answer:  “We are committed to producing high quality phones which takes time to manufacture. They will be coming soon and they will be worth the wait. If you wish to discuss this any further please send a direct message.” Given Nokia’s latest statements, we expect all the new Nokia phones to arrive in May at the latest.

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