Qualcomm raised a revenue of $5.4 billion in Q3 2017


Qualcomm’s revenue is decreasing with each quarter, like for the third quarter it earned $5.4 billion. It was an 11% decrease as compared to the previous quarter. As each year is passing by, Qualcomm’s operating income is also decreasing. If we comparing the last 2 years income then there has been huge decrease of over 51% with this year’s revenue generated being $800.

3d illustration of a glowing blue Qualcomm logo sitting on top of a glossy microchip

The reason for such massive downfall in revenue income is the payments made to Blackberry & Korea Free Trade Commission of $940 million and $927 million. It is also to pay a sum of $38 billion for purchase of NXP Semiconductors.

It had kept a sum of $1.1 billion for payment to stockholders, out of which $844 million was paid by way of cash dividends and $300 million was utilized for buy-back of its own securities. For the coming 4th quarter it has an aim of raising revenue between $5.4-$6.2 billion. They have a different target for Q4, which has a target of shipping 205-225 million MMS chipset individually apart from those to Apple and its other partners.

The ongoing court case between Qualcomm and Apple is to be the reason for decrease in Qualcomm’s revenue. Apart from ongoing case with Apple, Qualcomm is also struggling to get its royalty and licensing fees from its other partners.

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