QuickOffice Goes Free on Android


Google recently bought the company behind the Quick Office app for both iOS and Android devices. And just like they did it for Snapseed, the Quick Office app has also been made free for both the platforms, the iOS and Android.


Quick Office is mobile app that lets you do various productive tasks with just a few clicks. You can view and edit the MIcrosoft Office files right at your smartphone. The new ad updated app also will allow you to integrate it with Google Drive, and also if you download and log into your Google account from the free app, you also would be getting additional 10 GB of data on Google Drive Storage services, for 2 years.

This is a quite good app that will be letting you perform basic document editing tasks on your smartphone itself. You can edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and also get Google Storage for free.

Download the app from here.


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