Samsung Group’s South Korean President Got Arrest Warrant Issued


Samsung’s South Korean President, Jay Y. Lee has got Arrest Warrant Issued. These warrants are issued due to charges of bribery and embezzlement.

jay y lee

Country’s president, Park Guen-hye, who was in impeached by the parliament due to various frauds has roped in various business groups in the country. One of them that got roped is the Samsung Group. The president of the group is now facing the charges for the same and in the same consent, Arrest Warrant has been issued.

As per the report from the Reuters, Jay Y Lee. was responsible for a stunning $36.4 million (43 billion won) paid in favors and donations to a charity at the direction of a friend of the president.

MOre news are coming on this. We will let you know about any new advancement on it.

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