Samsung may launch Self Repair Assistant mobile app for DIYers

The Korean giant has been the people’s favourite brand of all time for many years, and the company has continuously worked on improving customer satisfaction. Now, it seems that Samsung is heading into Self Repair services, the brand has filed a new trademark for an application called Self Repair Assistant, the app is built to help the DIYers to fix up their technological works.

samsung self repair assistant app

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Samsung introduced its Self Repair program in partnership with iFixit in the USA in early 2022, the hindmost of supplies, components, tools, and instructions for disassembly and repairs. The Self Repair program allowed Galaxy handset users in the US to grab phone parts and tolls for DIY maintenance.

In the text received from the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the Self Repair Assistant app provides, “Consultancy and information services relating to self-installation, self-maintenance, and self-repair of smartphones”. So according to the trademark filing, it is also mentioned that this app may also be used to help in the fixing of other Samsung devices including tablets, earbuds, and smartwatches.

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Samsung might be working on a mobile app that would allow Self Repair users to gain more information on how to manage and repair their Samsung mobile devices. So, alternatively going through the iFixit website, Samsung may provide guides and other helpful information through the Self Repair Assistant mobile app.

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