Samsung to launch Samsung Pay in South Africa around June


Samsung’s mobile payment solution known as Samsung Pay is popular in the countries it is available. Also, it has more presence around the world than its competitors such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. And now Samsung is bringing their critically acclaimed payment solution to South Africa around the month of June this year.


The Samsung Pay was supposed to launch in South Africa last year along with the Galaxy Note 8. But, due to some unknown reasons, it did not happen as it was meant to be. But now, it has been confirmed that the service will be introduced in the country around June by Samsung South Africa’s CEO Sung Yoon himself.

Even the Samsung South Africa official site has a dedicated page which says the service is coming to South Africa (pictured above). The page also says the usual conditions that the payment will be supported on selected banks only as well as the merchants have the full right to accept and decline the payment though they support it.

But the page doesn’t mention that Samsung Pay is only supported on selected devices as most of us know. The service is only supported on the handful of Galaxy devices such as  S series, Note series and A series.

What are your thoughts on Samsung Pay if it is available in your country and you use it? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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