SwiftKey for Android latest update offers Toolbar customization, supports new languages


SwiftKey for Android has received the latest update that brings support for toolbar customization and new languages. Just few days back, the app got a recent update that aimed to resolve some bug fixes and supported additional languages.

SwiftKey for Android

The major highlight of this update is toolbar customization option. You can now customize the toolbar by turning features on or off and re-arranging them in the order you like or prefer.

The latest update also bring support for more languages which include Aja, Blackfoot, Seychellois Creole, Kazakh (Latin), K’iche’ and Quechua (Southern).

Moreover, the update offers extension of location sharing feature to 24 new countries. It also brings a fix to subsisting bugs which are responsible for crashing while creating Photo Themes. Furthermore, you can now re-personalize from Gmail and Google+ without any issues.


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