Telegram adds Custom Notification Sounds, Bot Revolution, and much more!

Telegram is one of the best and most popular instant messaging apps, thanks to its feature-packed, fast, and actively developing nature. On that note, the latest Telegram update makes it easier to handle notifications, bots, and much more. Here’s everything in detail!


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Custom Notifications Sounds

The user can set their favorite sounds as the notification note, including music and memes. To do so, just tap the short audio file or voice message in chat to auto-add it to their list of notification sounds. However, the files should be under 5 seconds and under 300KB in size. You can access the sounds via Settings > Notifications and Sounds.

telegram adds custom notification sounds, bot revolution, and much more!

Custom Mute Durations

With this update, Telegram allows to temporarily mute the notification alerts for specific chats. Also, you can modify alerts. To receive notifications silently, just disable the sound, while toggling one of the Mute options will turn off notifications completely.

New Auto-Delete Menu in Profiles

The auto-delete menu can now be enabled from the three-dot menu on the chats info page. That means it takes fewer taps and supports flexible timer settings like 2 days, 3 weeks, 4 months, and more.

telegram adds custom notification sounds, bot revolution, and much more!

Replies in Forwarded Messages

When a message is forwarded, the other user can also see the reply preview from the original chat to get a better context. Also, to ensure privacy, you can hide the sender’s name or media captions.

Bot Revolution

Telegram is providing tools for developers to create flexible interfaces with JavaScript, allowing bots to replace any website. For instance, a fast-food chain can use the Telegram bot to take orders, show the menu, and do more directly from the chat. That means the users do not need to switch to any other app to order food. In addition, the colors can be adjusted to design the UI that matches the theme.

telegram adds custom notification sounds, bot revolution, and much more!

Improved Message Translation on iOS

This one is for iOS users, the app now supports more languages like Ukrainian. Moreover, it can translate the same languages as the Android app. You can enable it under the Settings menu and exclude certain languages as well.

Improved Picture-in-Picture on Android

The Android users can now pinch to change the size of the PiP video. Plus, you can tap X to close it and see the videos in a new rounded design.

telegram adds custom notification sounds, bot revolution, and much more!

New Animations and Animated Emojis

The telegram app now shows a new duck animation when users are changing their phone numbers. Furthermore, it has new animated emojis, especially for food. Just send a message with a single emoji to get a large animated version.

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