Android Auto: Car’s Dashboard into a Mobile Device

Android Auto - another drafted version of Android For Automobiles


This time we have seen a lot of new technologies coming up in the Google I/O event. And also as a cherry on the cake, Google came up with the Android Auto.

 Car's Dashboard into a Mobile Device with Android Auto

Android Auto uses an Android device as the processing unit for in-dash system controlled navigation unit. Also it can manage more things like Music and Messaging on the go while driving. In simple words Android Auto is a setup, by which you can access the phone’s apps through the dashboard touchscreen. This setup can be of great use, as you will be able to access Google Maps, and other helpful assisting apps while driving.

The setup will not only let you read your messages, also it will dictate you the messages, and send responses. Also look at a video below for the Android Auto introductory part.

Also to mention Google is not the first one to bring in the mobile operating system into your car’s dashboard. As Apple brought in similar technology this year in the Geneva Motor Show. And in the coming time car manufacturers will be featuring the leading mobile operating systems in their features. Checkout the Android L features listed explained here.

You can check our full Google IO 2014 coverage here.

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