Android Auto squashes the Android 12 notification bug

Android 12 is indeed a major overhaul Google introduced in years. The OS brings a ton of features with a new UI and much more. Unfortunately, some bugs seem to have skipped the process. Anyway, the company is trying to fix them up, including the annoying notification bug for Android Auto users.


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An Android 12 bug prevented the Android Auto users to receive incoming SMSes and Facebook Messenger notifications. After a month of complaints, the issue is finally resolved via the latest build of Android Auto, as announced by a company’s team member. The new update is rolling out. However, the app’s version number which hammers the bug is not mentioned by Google.

In addition, Android Auto users have to make sure that their Messages app is running on the latest version. In case updating at both ends doesn’t help, there’s no choice but to wait for a newer build to roll out. This lag is affecting all users who have updated their device to Android 12, including Pixel and Galaxy models.

In addition, some infuriated users also tried some common methods to ignore the glitch like reconnecting the device, changing the cable, and adjusting Android Auto settings. However, the efforts went in vain. Although, restarting the device worked temporarily. But in the end, the bug finds its way back.

The bug is aggravating as the fundamental purpose of Android Auto is to inform about the device’s notifications while driving.

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Shivani Sharma
Shivani Sharma
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