Verizon Rolls Out Cloud Service For Android


Verizon has launched its own Cloud service for Android devices, web and will soon be available on iOS also. You can get 500 mb of free usage if you’re on Verizon network using Android device, be it tablet of smartphone. You can store and sync daily backups of the usual media libraries as well as call logs, contacts and messages from your device to Verizon’s Cloud.

verizon cloud storage

If you are not satisfied with the space than you can buy more space by shelling $2.99 per month for 25GB of storage, $5.99 gets you 75GB of storage, and $9.99 gives you 125GB. So if you don’t like Dropbox than you can opt for Verizon Cloud Storage and ultimately allows you to access cloud files on your Smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer, or on the web.

You can try it out by heading to the source link link below.



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