Weekend Play Store Deals: Get 45 Premium Android Apps & Games on Sale for a limited time


While staying home is the new norm and most of us are staying home for quite a long time now, however, weekdays get past working from home and everyone waits for the weekend. The weekend is finally here and it’s time to relax, chill and spend some quality time with your loved ones.  We take this weekend as an opportunity to bring you the latest Play Store deals that are up for grab for a limited time period.

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Who doesn’t love free and discounted stuff? We are back after quite some time but as always we have handpicked a variety of free and discounted apps, and games in almost all major categories on the Play Store. Just make sure to download the ones you like before the deal expires.

Play Store: Temporarily Free Apps, Icon Packs and Games:

Sr. No.CategoryTitlePricePlay Store Link
1.AppsShuttle+ Music Player$1.49 FREEDownload
2.AppsLucidly Pro$4.99 $3.45Download
3.AppsIntruder Catcher$5.99 $0.99Download
4.AppsCross DJ Pro$8.99 $3.99Download
5.AppsArtRage$4.99 $2.99Download
6.AppsMongoLime$7.99 $3.99Download
7.AppsIntuitive Guitar$4.99 $2.99Download
8.AppsOsmAnd+ Maps and Navigation$14.99 $7.49Download
9.AppsAlpha Zooper Pack – Icon Pack$0.99 FREEDownload
10.AppsOmega for Zooper – Icon Pack$1.01 FREEDownload
11.AppsContour Lines Plugin for  OsmAnd$4.99 $2.49Download
12.AppsFella for Facebook$1.99 $0.99Download
13.GamesSpace Marshals$3.99 $0.99Download
14.GamesDandara$5.99 $2.49Download
15.GamesHasbro’s Battleship$4.99 $2.99Download
16.Games1979 Revolution: Black Friday$4.99 $0.99Download
17.GamesCrazy Chicken Strikes Back$3.49 $0.99Download
18.GamesTimen Runner$2.99 $0.99Download
19.GamesMonopoly$3.99 $2.49Download
20.GamesThe Game of Life: Vacations$1.99 $0.99Download
21.GamesFantasy Solitaire TriPeaks$3.99 $1.99Download
22.GamesVengeance$2.99 $1.49Download
23GamesTormentum – Dark Sorrow$5.99 $2.99Download
24.Games60 Parsecs$3.99 $1.49Download
25.GamesAwakening: The Story of Elizabeth$2.99 $0.99Download
26.GamesDrag Racing 3D$1.99 $0.99Download
27.GamesSudoku Pro$1.99 $0.99Download
28.GamesDead Cells$9.99 $8.99Download
29.GamesShe Sees Red$2.99 $0.99Download
30.GamesA-2481$1.99 FREEDownload
31.GamesRusted Warfare$1.99 $0.99Download
32.GamesDespotism 3K$3.49 $1.99Download
33.GamesVampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova$4.99 $0.99Download
34.GamesDokuro$1.99 $0.99Download
35.GamesStar Chindy$2.49 $0.99Download
36.GamesClockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink$6.99 $1.99Download
37.GamesWho is Awesome$1.99 $0.99Download
38.GamesJohnny Bonasera 1$2.49 $0.99Download
39.GamesModern Age$3.99 $0.99Download
40.GamesStickman Master$1.99 $0.99Download
41.GamesBad North: Jotunn Edition$4.99 $3.49Download
42.Games60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure$3.99 $0.99Download
43.GamesFarming Simulator 16$0.99 FREEDownload
44.GamesKathy Rain$4.99 $1.99Download
45.GamesBaldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition$9.99 $4.99Download
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