Android TV 12 is now available for developers!

All the respective brands have started to roll out Android 12 to their eligible smartphones for almost a month now. And now finally, its Android TV users turn to get the taste of the latest operating system. However, it is only available for developers at the moment. But we know it’s just a matter of time!

android tv 12

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Also, You can not flash Android 12 on your Chromecast or Shield TV as of now. To do so, you have to get Google’s development box, ADT-3. While the rest of the users have no other choice to wait for the official update, which will hopefully arrive in a month or so.

As far as changes are concerned, you will get some changes in the UI, like 4K support, background blur, font sizes under accessibility. Along with a tuned-up UI, Android TV 12 will bring all the security features you get on a smartphone, including privacy indicators. For more details on the development, read the changelog below.

Android TV 12 changelog


  • Avoid motion judder during playback using refresh rate switching
  • Certified API-accuracy for reporting display modes, HDR formats, and surround sound formats

User Interface

  • Background blurs using RenderEffect and in WindowManager
  • 4K UI support
  • Accessibility settings for font sizes

Privacy & Security

  • Microphone and camera indicators
  • Microphone and camera toggles
  • Device attestation via Android KeyStore API

HDMI & Tuner

  • Support for HDMI CEC 2.0
  • Tuner HAL 1.1 with DTMB support and performance improvements
  • Better protection model with Tuner Service

All in all, these changes will not reform the way you operate your Android TV, but they will refine and polish the current experience.

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Shivani Sharma
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