Chrome OS 101 brings unusual features, including dark boot screen and more

Chrome OS gets a new update every four weeks, refining the user experience. This time, the Chrome OS 101 brings some distinctive new features, including a dark boot screen, a new Launcher, a new Firmware updates menu, and more. Let’s check out the changes in detail.
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The Chrome OS 101 update was speculated to arrive on April 28, but clearly, it is late. Anyway, here’s what additions it carries!

  • Dark boot screen

This is a visual change. With Chrome OS 101, you will see a white Chrome logo followed by “chromeOS.” A lack of space can be noticed along with a night-friendly background change.

  • New Launcher

Well, technically, this isn’t anything new. The launcher was officially announced in March. However, some users have started seeing it today. It intends t provide “more space for any windows you have open” by replacing the bottom sheet with a floating panel.

Moreover, you can organize the tabs by icon, color, name, or any other format. You can see the five most frequently used apps are shown at the top. In case the launcher is still not available for you with Chrome OS 101, toggle the below flag


  • Firmware updates menu

There’s a new Firmware updates menu under the Settings > About Chrome OS section. This will replace the automatic assurance of accessory updates in the background. The section opens up a small window where you can address updates that take a long time to flash.

Besides the above-mentioned features, the version also resolves some glitches and enhances the user experience.

Shivani Sharma
Shivani Sharma
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