Chrome OS 96 bring Camera improvements, Nearby Share, and more

Every four weeks, Chrome OS gets a new update refining the user experience. Similar is the case this time with the latest version— Chrome OS 96. The new update brings along numerous features and other changes. Let’s take a look at the details.
chrome os 96 bring camera improvements, nearby share, and more
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Besides the minor changes, Chrome OS 96 is prepared to deliver several improvements on the camera front and add the Nearby Share support. For the camera section, the latest version adds a native document scanner that can convert images to JPG or PDF. After updating, you will get a “Scan” tab where the QR code section was placed before. Also, it will detect edges that will be adjustable.

Additionally, you can now also control the angle and crop picture via Pan-Tilt-Zoom if you are using an external camera. For this, there’s a D-Pad section on the left portion. Moreover, Chrome OS 96 brings support for Nearby Share that can be accessed via Android apps. Also, you can share sheets that were earlier limited to system apps, Progressive Web Apps, and the Files app.

Furthermore, Chrome OS 96 brings some minor changes like the “Manage your apps” list and a section for “Opening supported links”. This is here to let you know if a link is opened in the Chrome browser and an installed client. Lastly, you can notice a bigger grid UI on the Wallpaper app. Plus, unlike before, you can directly access it from an app launcher.

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