Download OnePlus Orbit App Latest Version [old versions archived]

The OnePlus Orbit app aims to continuously provide people with better services. The company aspires to gather users from all over the world to co-create a better, ever-more inclusive Community – delivering a fresh product experience and invigorated community culture. You can download the OnePlus Orbit App from the button present at the end of the page.

oneplus orbit app

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Download OnePlus Orbit App

  • [June 6, 2022]: A new update is rolling out for the OnePlus Orbit app with build version v1.6.0. The apk file is compatible with devices running OxygenOS skin based on Android 8.0 and later.

Download version v1.6.0

  • [January 4, 2022]: The version v1.4.0 is rolling out for the OnePlus Orbit app globally. The app is compatible with smartphones running OxygenOS 10 or later. Read the changelog below to know about the changes.

What’s New?

New Features
– Add external links in threads, comments & replies
– View images in horizontal orientation
– Push Notification for new followers, replies, comments, and likes
– Switch on/off the push notification

– Loading speed of the home page, notification page, and profile page
– Notification red dot
– Ranking of comments

  • [December 17, 2021]: OnePlus is releasing Version v1.3.0 to the Orbit app. The update is live for global users running OxygenOS 10 or later.

What’s New?

New features
-Comment with a picture
-Search feature for a thread, user, or circle

  • [December 6, 2021]: Th OnePlus Orbit is updating with another stable Version v1.2.0. Tap the button below if you are an OxygenOS 10 or later user. Refer to the changelog below for details.

What’s New

New features
-Editing threads & comments
-Sticking comment in a thread (for Mods & staff only)
-Double-tap to go back to the top
-Uploading GIFs directly from Gboard
-Manual refreshing a thread when you want to see new comments
-Thread creation experience
-Order of replies
-Number of likes in thread
-UX of closing the app
-Bugs related to a profile page, comments, visual display, comment, typos

Download Version v1.2.0

  • [November 22, 2021]: The latest update for the OnePlus Orbit app adds new features— tagging people, App push notification, Back-end management platform for moderators, All circle list, and Gif in the thread. Moreover, it improves performance and resolves several bugs that you can see below.Update Log
    • New features
      • Tagging people
      • App push notification
      • Back-end management platform for moderators
      • All circle list
      • Gif in thread
    • Improve
      • Circle joining experience
      • Thread creation experience
    • Fix – 89 bugs related to
      • Visual display
      • Typos
      • Dark mode
      • UX
      • Features

Download Version v1.1.0

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