Google Camera 8.2 gets ‘hands-free’ feature to record videos


Google Camera 8.2 now allows users to record ‘hands-free’ videos. Pixel users will now have the ease of recording videos with just a few swipes.

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The new feature allows users to instantly start capturing the video without having to switch to video mode. This feature to capture videos instantly was originally released in Google Camera 7.1, and now the Version 8.2.204 will hold this feature.

As we know, the older versions of the Google Camera app for Pixel phones require pressing and holding the shutter button. The recording would stop if the finger is lifted. The new update version 8.2.204 brings the ‘hands-free’ feature which continues to record the video even if you lift your finger. To enter the hands-free mode, you have to swipe your finger to the left side of the screen. You can also zoom in and out while recording the video, using your fingers.

The previous versions made it inconvenient to handle the camera well. The new feature will help in setting the focus while recording as ‘hands-free’ mode will not stop recording the video. Lifting the finger while recording will ensure proper handling of the camera. So, in a way, the latest update is quite convenient for Pixel users. Reportedly, there may be a new feature that allows disabling the Night Sight.

Google Camera 8.2.204 is now rolling out to the users and others may also experience it soon.

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