Google will set up “Quick Phrases” to trigger Assistant without “Hey Google”


As per the latest reports, Google will soon release a new update for its Assistant called “Quick Phrases”. The software will add some words that will make it easier for users to wake up Google Assistant. The trigger will work even without giving the “Hey Google” command.


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The Quick Phrases feature was spotted on Pixel 3 XL smartphones running Android 12 Beta version This also creates confusion if the feature is exclusive to the latest operating system. Anyway, in order to experience the feature, you need to activate it via Assistant settings. After toggling the button, the Google Assistant will listen to certain phrases depending on the situation.

In short, it puts the Assistant on standby. For instance, you can simply say “Answer” to pick up an incoming call or reject it by saying “Decline.” Similarly, you can stop or turn off the alarm by saying “Stop” or “Snooze.” In any case, you don’t have to lead the command with “Hey Google” anymore.

Additionally, some other similar commands are likely to accompany the list of Quick Phrases. This could include regular orders like “Cancel the alarm,” “Send a broadcast,” “What’s the weather?,” “Turn up the volume,” and “Pause the music.”

Also, Google Assistant will remind you that you can skip saying “Hey Google.” It will display a small bar beneath the notification for alarms/timers and incoming phone calls.

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