Kiwi Browser new update allows the user to turn off grid layout

Google released Chrome 91 this year which set the grid layout as a default option. Though the company was planning this for a couple of years. Initially, the feature was available after enabling certain experimental flags. But with Chrome 91, even the option to disable the flag was gone out of reach.

kiwi browser

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Kiwi Browser bagged an update this month which was based on Chromium 93. The software allows the user to switch back to the previous design and dump the grid layout. The fresh update bumps the version to v93.0.4577.18 which enables the user to switch tabs in the old style on a new Chromium base.

Moreover, Google even took off the old layout from the Chromium code. This step forbids the third-party browsers from inheriting the old style as an option. On the contradictory, the latest update for the Kiwi browser again brings back the ability to turn off the grid layout option.

kiwi browser

To quote it in simple words, the new Kiwi browser update will enable users to choose from both verticle tab and horizontal tab layout. You can flash the new update directly from the Google Play Store or by tapping the button below.

Download Kiwi Browser (v93.0.4577.18)

The latest update for Google Chrome bought new features including a screenshot, photo editor, and Google Lens on desktop. Alongside, there were several other changes through the Chromium Gerrit. To know more details about these features, visit our dedicated article.

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