New Nexus 7 has GPS Connectivity Issues


Buying a newly launched device has it’s own perks, you get to show your SWAG in your friend and work circle. But sometimes it is not that fun. And plus apart from having the ultimate experience first, you also experience any issues with a new device also.

new nexus 7 front style

And the new Generation Nexus 7 buyers faces some sort of the same problem. So according to the new users, the device works perfectly, and it should be working excellent with all that hardware, but the users complain, that the New Nexus 7 loses GPS connectivity just after 5 minutes from the satellite, and then does not get back anyhow.

However going by the History, a GPS related problem and issue was also found in the Transformer Prime too, and co incidentally that was manufactured by Asus too. As off now there is no fix for the problem. but google has been looking into the problem to fix it soon. Hope they find a possible fix to the solution.



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