Sign Up Page For Verizon Moto X is Live, Launch in Coming Weeks


Verizon has not officially confirmed about selling the device but today the Signup Page for Verizon Moto X is live. And this confirms that the Company will soon be selling The Much talked about Smartphone in a few weeks, But we suppose it will be sooner than the next week.


The Carrier has already announced that it will be initially selling Verizon Moto X in Black, White, Woven Black & Woven White only. Also confirming that the devices will be shipped from USA. The device will also be available from AT & T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular while Motorola itself will be Selling it with a T-Mobiles Badge.

The price of the device is expected to be $199.99 for now on the 32GB variant of the Device.

The Official Release of the Moto X is on 23rd August 2013 while the carriers will also be releasing the Gadget on the same Day.

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Source: Verizon


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