Telegram 8.5 updates with video stickers, better reactions, and more

Telegram is the leading app if we talk about updates and features. The platform never fails to amuse users with its improvements, luring more users. In the latest update, Telegram 8.5 brings in new elements, including video stickers, better reactions, and more.


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Most of the features of Telegram 8.5 intend to make your conversations more gripping. The update is rolling out for all iOS and Android users and here is what it carries.

Video Stickers

Telegram 8.5 allows you to convert regular videos into stickers. This implies that anyone can create custom stickers in any video editing program.

Better Reactions

Reactions will now be synchronized and will display packed animations. You can press and hold on to a reaction to give it a larger effect. And the recipients will see the animations in real-time. In addition, there will be a “read status” for reactions as well. A new ♡ button will appear when your messages have unseen reactions.

New Reactions and Interactive Emoji

You will get five new reactions: 🥰🤯🤔🤬👏 after updating to Telegram 8.5. Moreover, you can see them in a synchronized fullscreen effect by tapping on the animated emoji.

Navigating Recent Chats

We often switch chats in between. It is now easy as you just have to press and hold the ‘Back’ button to return to a specific chat. Add your conversation to the list and jump at the dance of your fingertips.

Bug Busting and More

Telegram 8.5 squash several known bugs and improves the call quality. Furthermore, it now enables you to send silent messages from the sharing menu. Along with a bunch of other improvements, it also supports translation to Instant View pages. In the end, there’s an animated surprise for iOS users.

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Shivani Sharma
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