Tips and Tricks for the Galaxy S8 and S8+


Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ is a great hit with the various features and tricks incorporated for the users. The users can easily navigate the displays with ease and can take full advantage of their powerful features.

galaxy s8 tips and tricks

Some of the guidelines and functions are listed below offering simple ways to use the Galaxy S8 conveniently. The users will get a better experience with the help of these functions and guidelines.

Knowing the Navigation Bar

The navigation bar not only consists of home, recent and back buttons but also has a user bypass to user’s device lock screen. This gives the user an access to the home screen.

You can customize the bar’s configuration and also hide or show the screen with the help of toggle. In case, the navigation bar gets disappear due to some reason you can get it back by pressing hard the home button’s usual location. This will help the navigation bar to get the access by swiping up the screen.

Advantage of the Edge Screen

Galaxy S8’s Edge panel offers access to news, apps and key functions by a simple swipe. You can also customize your Edge panel according to you. The lighting feature of Edge screen adds additional convenience and notifies the users of the incoming messages.

Convenient Reminders

Galaxy S8 and S8+ allows safe convenient URLs using the remainder function. You can also save the remainders which are text based. You can send the remainder to your contacts and you can even add the conversations in your remainder. Pinning a reminder is also one of the functions.

Sensor shortcuts and Power button

The user gets an advantage of double pressing the power key to capture your special moments. You can unlock the screen with the help of fingerprint sensor.

During important meetings you can send text to the caller without any problem.

Screenshot Games

You can click screenshots very quickly with the help of volume buttons and power button simultaneously. Using the smart select feature of Galaxy S8, you can display the captured image or GIFs.

Snap Window in Galaxy S8

The new feature allows the users to select a portion of recently opened apps to pin up to the top. Whichever app you open the last moment will be shown on the top of the screen.

Unlock Your Phone Becomes Fun

With the registration of bio-metric verification, the Galaxy S8 users have got a new option to unlock their phone. They can select a background or a fun mask during the activation period.

Share the data with Samsung Cloud

With the help of Samsung Cloud, the user can share a large number of data and information which is important. You can share pictures, videos, documents, etc., with the Samsung Cloud.

The Samsung cloud supports the file with 1 GB size and the users can save 2GB with the help of this function.

You can share the link from the Gallery app and share it with the Samsung Cloud. You can also share files using codes which you need to punch in the Samsung’s Link Sharing app.

Well, these are some tips and tricks for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones.

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