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Virtual reality is ought to be very successful theme and thing in the field of mobile gaming. Especially due to popularity play store as of now is offering great games that work on VR. There are now various VR games that are accessible for Android cell phones. Here in this article we present our recommendations for the best VR Games for Android.

Top VR Android Games

We Bring you the top 5 virtual reality games. Especially our top picks to give you best gaming experience. Here are the best 5 VR games-

Best 5 Virtual Reality Games

Gunjack 2

Gunjack 2 is one of the top in list for the Google Play Award 2017. In this theme you play a soldier of fortune on the Kubera mining stage on the external edge of our nearby planetary group.

Your mission is: to Fend off assailants, since privateers are frantic to take those minerals. You sit with a gun and blast the assaulting spaceships to ashes by utilizing the huge arms stockpile of weapons available to you. The controls are known and obvious. You control each move with the direction you look.


It is a famous VR multiplayer game. It’s theme is especially based on a mysterious theme with location of 1880s London. Your mission is: Especially you will play a Wielder in this game. You’ll especially furnish your wand with things that enable you to give spells such a role as fireballs, lightning jolts and meteor assaults. Development in the diversion just happens by means of transport. otherwise you can point by using methods for head developments.

There is no genuine story in this game. Wands centers around fights against other players. Before battling genuine rivals through the Internet. Especially both to acclimate yourself with the controls and furthermore to discover more grounded spells. Activity is either through controller or Gear VR touchpad. The new Gear controller is effectively bolstered.

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Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

It is unending sprinter amusements as a game. It is extremely appropriate to being played with VR glasses. Your mission is: First Flight, is such an amusement. Especially head developments you control a little firefly and you need to free your firefly companions who were lost when bugs assaulted your creepy crawly kingdom. In the diversion, you fly through woodlands and hollows, shoot down fireballs and utilize catalysts to vanquish adversaries. Especially this works exceptionally well on account of natural controls. Not exclusively does it look up-to-date it’s additionally free.

VR Space: The Last Mission

In this game theme is based on Space. Interminable approaches. No big surprise that VR slowly changes happen in space.

Your mission is: In VR Space The Last Mission you are of course the last any desire for human. According to experts, the story is principally a reason for activity in it. A very interesting concept based on a space mission. The vital thing is that you repulse the numerous assaults of adversary spaceships to save yourself.

Hunters Gate

Gaming activity is hot with Hunters Gate as it is very popular. This game is a fun and graphically great fun. Your mission is: Moving amusement components influence your character to develop more grounded. You need to  learn new aptitudes after some time.
On account of the controller, you rapidly get used to the controls.
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