Chrome OS 92 stable release, here are the best features!

After a brief delay caused due to fixing the recent version of Chrome OS, Google is finally back on track with the stable release of Chrome OS 92. The latest version has some extensive features on board that enhance the user experience, especially in terms of communication. Keep scrolling to know about these new traits.

chrome os 92

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The latest version of Chrome OS has some new features on board to enhance the user experience. Here are some of them!

Chrome OS 92 Features

Dedicated emoji picker

Adding an emoji gives a sense of emotional shade to your simple boring text. Since the introduction, emojis are constantly expanding, providing you more options to express yourself. But sometimes it’s difficult to find a perfect emoji from the whole bunch. To make it easier, Google has reframed the emoji picker for Chromebooks.

To try this on Chrome OS 92, rick-click on an empty text field and click the “Emoji” option at the top. To make it quicker, try pressing the Everything (Search), Shift, and Space keys on the keyboard.

chrome os 92

Enhanced clipboard manager for tablets

The native clipboard manager has taken over the virtual keyboard with Chrome 92. Now you can quickly refer to the clipboard for the copied text or image. The Chromebook will keep up to five copied items on the track, including screenshots.

To try out this feature, tap on space and click the new clipboard icon on the virtual keyboard.

chrome os 92

Virtual desktops for Android and Linux apps

With Chrome OS 92, you can manage your task and the bunch of browser tabs cluttering up. Organizing is much easier now as you can create a dedicated desk for work, gaming, and so on. Moreover, virtual desktops will now allow assigning Android and Linux apps to all desks or a specific one.

Clear your clutter simply by right-clicking on the app’s window.

chrome os 92

Voice recognition

Typing takes more time than speaking and it increases the chance of mistakes. Chrome OS 92 has a solution for this with its powerful speech-enabled notepad that has support for continuous dictation. Moreover, Google’s speech recognition technology will serve as a cherry on the cake.

To enable the continuous dictation, Click on the “Accessibility” option in the system preferences and select “Manage accessibility features.” In there, head to the “Keyboard and text input” section and toggle on “Enable dictation (speak to type).”

chrome os 92

Use the device directly from the launcher

Chrome OS 92 is user-friendly even for those who are not well-versed with computers. Though the new version is already simple and easy to use. To make it more convenient, the launcher will extract information from the Explore app to help you with the desired task.

To ask for assistance, just type the question in the launcher to get it all started.

chrome os 92

More capable Tote

Google is as usual taking its productivity to a next level with a new feature that will save a lot of time. Chrome zos 92 will integrate downloads from Android apps and Chrome’s print to PDF functionality straight away in Tote.

To access your all downloads, simply tap on the Tote icon present next to the system tray on the taskbar.

chrome os 92

Stay online from anywhere

Chrome OS 92 has eSIM support, making it easier to stay online and keep in touch with everyone. You can download settings and switch between carriers electronically on some compatible devices like the Acer Chromebook Spin 513

To enable eSIM, visit the “Network section” of system preferences and look for “Mobile data” to add a connection. Alternatively, you can also set up a new cellular network by using a QR Code.

chrome os 92

New wallpapers

Three artists, Aurelia Durand, Sabrena Khadija, and Meech Boakye have come up with a new set of wallpaper for Chrome OS 92. The theme is all based on togetherness with a blend of bold geometry. The figures portray pride, self-expression, and more indicating an inclusive future ahead for all.

To check out these wallpapers, right-click on the desktop and select “Set wallpaper.”

chrome os 92

Additional Changes

  • keep always-on VPN without help from Android or Linux. After configuring a VPN, toggle “Always-on VPN” under VPN preferences
  • Ability to create searchable PDFs. Convert the scanned document into searchable text.
  • Linux app support on Chrome OS is finally stable after three years of the announcement.
  • For the Family Link users in the US, Explore app on Chromebooks offers a digital magazine crafted for kids
  • Enable live Caption in Chrome OS 92 by visiting Accessibility settings > Captions.

chrome os 92

  • The camera app on Chrome OS now supports Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) controls.
  • Google introduced some new shortcuts with Chrome 92. See these updates in the Shortcuts app.
  • A person with mobility impairments can use the touchscreen on Chromebook with the Point Scanning feature
  • Google Chat and Meet will now be on board by default on the Chromebook.
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