Google Assistant SDK made public, third party developers can use it


Google has released the SDK (Software Development kit) for the Google Assistant. This is the same as Amazon did with the Alexa, that’s why it is now present in almost every smart refrigerator, TV, Machine and other household items. The SDK will allow developers to port the Assistant to their devices, in order to extend the usability of the device and to make it smart.

The SDK is crafted in such a way that users can use it in on Raspberry Pi like modules. It packs gRPC API, a Python client which allows user authentication and access to the API.

The Google SDK is new and most of the things are under development. Currently, Google has created a G+ community, a Stack Overflow tag, and a mailing list to ease out the operations for third party developers. Users who are willing to try it out can hit the source link below to know how to set it up and use it step by step.

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Now get ready to see the Assistant in different forms of devices. You can see it in Music Players, Televisions (already present in Android TV), Washing Machines and many other devices.

SOURCEGoogle Developers
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