Google Photos adopt Material You theme without dynamic color

The new Material You design by Google is promptly making way for more of its stock apps. Several platforms including Google Keep, Contacts, Gmail, and more now feature a new theming system. The next one to join the party is the Google Photos app.

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Reportedly, Google Photos is adopting the Material You theme, which will extract color from your wallpaper and apply the palette to the app. However, the process is not yet completed as it seems the work is still in progress. You can still notice a few changes though.

Firstly, the bottom bar is now taller, providing more space for the pill-shaped buttons to rest. Secondly, the highlight and other elements of Google Photos are now blue. This means that the app is not making use of the Dynamic color. In fact, it is similar to Google Phone’s Material You theme. But we expect this to change for Pixel owners in the future.

Moreover, the top of the screen houses the pill-shaped Search bar. Plus, the theme integrates other elements of the app into the background. Also, the buttons including Favorites, Utilities, Archive, Trash, and the tool carousel in the image/video editor now have an elevated and filled look.

Furthermore, the album covers are have rounded corners. In a nutshell, the overall design of the Google Photos app is symmetrical with other stock apps that are in sync with the new Material You design.

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