Gmail gets in sync with the Material You theme on Android 12

In June 2021 at the I/O 2021, Google revealed the Android 12 with a Material You design. The new and modern materialistic design approach with rounded corners everywhere. So far, the company has updated several apps with a new layout based on the theme. This includes Google Contacts, Gboard, Camera, Time picker, and more. The next to get in sync with the new overhaul is Gmail.


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Material You theme extracts color from your wallpaper and apply it to the apps to give you a more personalized experience. Similarly, the overall design of the Gmail app is almost the same, the colors can be seen changed though. The texture is picked from the notification shade and app drawer.

Apart from this color difference, some other minor changes are arriving with the update.

  • If you notice the bottom bar closely, it is now a bit taller
  • A pill-shaped indicator will highlight the tab you’re currently viewing. The tab here means the new additions to Gmail like Chat, Spaces, and Meet.
  • The main email list including compose, all tabs, and more will hold a lighter color shade.
  • The bottom bar, search field, and buttons will display a darker shade.

As usual, the changes are only available on Google’s own smartphone running Android 12 beta on version 2021.08.24.394054613. While the other Android smartphone users will have to wait to see this new wallpaper-based theming system. But do not worry, the new version is all set to launch soon.

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Shivani Sharma
Shivani Sharma
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