Google Contacts update on Android 12 adopts Material You theme

Android 12 is all based on the “Material You” theme which is all based on personalization. Accompanying this is an engine code-named “monet” that brings a palette of color based on your home screen wallpaper. Google is steadily adopting all apps to the theme as the stable version is approaching. Following the Gboard app, now, Google Contacts on Android 12 is now adopting the Material You theme

google contacts

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The fresh update to the Google Contacts apps is rolling out that bumps the version to 3.50. Keep in note that the new version is only rolling out to those testing Android 12 Beta. After flashing the update, the Contacts app will open and display colors extracted from the wallpaper.

Moreover, the search bar, add a new contact, and edit contact buttons have changed majorly. All of these options now generate a design that is synced with the Android 12’s “monet” theming system. Look at the pictures below for clear reference.

Also, keep in note that Google Contacts will not look the same for everyone as the theme is all based on personalization. Based on the user’s wallpaper, the system will extract the colors accordingly. Also, the user can further customize the colors and apply them.

As usual, the functionality can only be seen on Google’s own smartphone as of now. While the other Android smartphone users will have to wait to see this new wallpaper-based theming system.

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