OnePlus 10T joins OxygenOS 13 Closed Beta Program

Now that the Android 13 has hit its stable phase, OnePlus is expanding the availability of the new OS for more of its flagships. So far, the OnePlus 8 series, OnePlus 9 series, OnePlus 10R, and OnePlus 10 Pro have picked up the beta update. In the latest development, the OnePlus 10T becomes the newest device to join the OxygenOS 13 Closed Beta Program.

oneplus 10t

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According to the recent announcement by the OnePlus Community forum, the company is recruiting OxygenOS 13 Closed Beta Test (CBT) for the OnePlus 10T. Smartphone users in India can get a taste of the new skin iteration before its official release. The testers should submit their feedback and share suggestions to help improve the software experience so it can reach the stable phase as early as possible.

To refine the experience for everyone else, OnePlus has shifted to a short-term Closed Beta Project. Accordingly, the company is inviting 100 applicants to test the version for the OnePlus 10T. These users will also be rewarded. Although they are supposed to maintain secrecy and not expose the unstable CBT package. Therefore, to become a member of this program, the users are required to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with OnePlus.

So, if you are a OnePlus 10T user in India who is willing to sign an NDA and communicate regularly with the team to report issues, tap on the button below and apply for the OxygenOS 13 Closed Beta Program.

Apply Now

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Lastly, as the build is still under development, it will have a lot of bugs and glitches onboard. Thus, we do recommend you flash it on your primary smartphone. Also, do not forget to take a backup of your data before testing the beta package.

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