[Update: September 2021 Security Patch] Samsung Galaxy S10/ S10 Lite updates tracker


Samsung released the S10 lineup by the end of February 2019. There were 5 flagships in the S10 series, one of which was a 5G variant of the original S10. Like every other flagship, these devices sported the latest and powerful hardware of early 2019 like the Gorilla Glass 6, Snapdragon 855, UFS 2.1 storage, 8-12 gigs of RAM, and much more.

Samsung Galaxy S10

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Note: This is an updates tracker and will be updated regularly with the S10 series updates.

Galaxy S10 series update tracker

  • [September 14, 2021]: The Galaxy S10 Lite is receiving a new software update in Netherlands and Belgium. The build carries September 2021 patch on firmware version G770FXXS6EUH5 weighing approx 235MB in size. Besides, do not expect any other major change after flashing the update. The patch fixes 48 vulnerabilities from Google including two critical fixes specific to the Snapdragon processor.
  • [September 7, 2021]: The Galaxy S10 Lite is spotting receiving the September 2021 security patch. The update is presently live in Spain on the firmware version G770FXXS6EUH5. Besides, the build does not carry any other significant changes.
  • [September 6, 2021]: The Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ are receiving a new update in Switzerland. Arriving on the firmware version G97xFXXSCFUH5, the update includes the September 2021 security patch. The company is yet to detail the current patch, but it could carry some general bug fixes and device stability improvements.
  • [September 1, 2021]: The August 2021 patch is extending to the carrier-locked versions of the Galaxy S10 series in the US. The update is live on Comcast and Xfinity Mobile’s network via the firmware version G97xUSQU6GUH4. The patch resolves 40 privacy and security-related vulnerabilities.
  • [August 7, 2021]: The T-Mobile variants of Galaxy S10 5G in the USA are finally getting the August 2021 security patch. The build is arriving on the firmware version G977TUVS7FUG6. Besides fixing the regular issue the patch addresses, the update does not bring any new additions.
  • [August 7, 2021]: The Galaxy S10 Lite is grabbing another software update with the August 2021 security patch. The update is rolling out in Spain through the firmware version G770FXXS5EUG5. The build does not bring any other changes. Internally, the patch fixes 40 vulnerabilities that improve system security and privacy. 
  • [July 10th, 2021]: July 2021 security patch is rolling out to the Galaxy S10 Lite variants in Spain. The latest update arrives on firmware version G770FXXS4EUF6. Apart from the new patch, the build does not add anything new. According to Samsung’s documentation, it fixes the Bluetooth-related risk and other 20 vulnerabilities. Moreover, the Android Auto bug is also addressed via this package.
  • [June 30th, 2021]: The Galaxy S10 becomes the first device to receive the July 2021 security patch. As always, Samsung is the first company to start sending out the patch even before the month begins. The update is rolling out with the firmware version G973FXXSBFUF3 in the Czech Republic. This is a minor bump in safety level and does not bring any new additions. Also, the company is yet to detail its July 2021 patch.
  • [February 10, 2021]: Samsung has begun cultivating the February 2021 Security patch update to the Galaxy S10 Lite users. Identified by the G770FXXS4DUA2 Firmware version is rolling out currently in Russia, Spain, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan regions. It is expected to release shortly in other countries too. Apart from the Security patch, there’s nothing new in this update.
  • [January 14, 2021]: The January 2021 Security patch update has finally started hitting the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite users. The update is rolling out on the G770FXXS3DTL2 Firmware version and as of now, it’s spinning out only to the International variants only. Apart from the January 2021 Security Patch, the update doesn’t add any new features or fix bugs. So, this update is only meant to increase the Security patch level of the smartphone.
  • [January 06, 2021]: The Korean giant – Samsung has started rolling out the January 2021 Security patch update for the Galaxy S10 users. The update is currently live in selected regions and a few users have already started getting it. The Security patch update generally includes bug fixes, enhancements, improvements, etc.
  • [December 22, 2020]: Samsung has started spinning out the Android 11-based One UI 3.0 update to the Galaxy S10 Lite users. The update is rolling out on the G770FXXU3DTL1 Firmware version, and it weighs nearly 2,053.34 MB in size. As per the changelog, the update brings the One UI 3.0 & Android 11 goodness, new features, and improvements to many applications. More details of this update can be found in our dedicated article.
  • [December 1, 2020]: Samsung released the December Security Patch update for the Galaxy S10 series and the Note 20 series at the same time. However, the update that was released for the Note 20 series had some hiccups. The update for the Galaxy S10 series doesn’t seem to have any problems whatsoever, since no one has reported any issues regarding it. The update seems to include nothing special as it is a routine Security Patch update for Android.
  • [June 19, 2020]: The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is the latest smartphone to join the June 2020 security patch club. Talking about the update, it comes with the firmware version G770FXXU2BTF3. Read more on that from our dedicated article.
  • [May 15, 2020]: The Samsung Galaxy S10 based on Verizon and Sprint networks started receiving May 2020 security patch update in the US. Read more from our dedicated article.
  • [February 18, 2020]: Samsung started rolling out an Android security patch for February on Galaxy S10 Lite. The phone was launched last month with an Android 10 and December security patch. Read more from our dedicated article.

As the update is having a phase-wise rollout, it may take some time to reach all the units. In the meantime, you can head to Settings > Software updates > Security updates to check the update manually. We also suggest you switch over to a WiFi network before downloading the update to avoid data charges.

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