Google starts pushing the Android 13 Beta 3 update!

The launch of the upcoming iteration of Android, dubbed Android 13, isn’t quite far from now. Google teased the same with the Pixel 7 and Pro smartphones in the I/O 2022 event. However, Google released the Developer Preview back in February 2022. In late April, the Android 13 Beta 1 update went live on the Pixel smartphones. For non-Pixel smartphones, the update went live after the I/O 2022 event. In May 2022, Google started pushing the Beta 2 update. However, it had contained some severe issues, and Google had to roll out another update named Beta 2.1 to fix those issues. Even though the Beta 2.1 was for improving a couple of issues, some users reported that it didn’t fix those. Google has now started to push the Android 13 Beta 3 update.

Android 13 Beta 3 update

google starts pushing the android 13 beta 3 update!

As you can see in the roadmap, Beta 3 is the final update in the Beta stage. The smartphones running on Android 13 Beta will receive one more beta update before receiving the stable update. Google has also reached platform stability with the Beta 3 update. It is an important stage for Android App Developers to adapt their apps to the latest version. Platform stability means that the APIs won’t change after this stage. The Beta 3 update is live for the Pixel smartphones such as Pixel 4 & 4 XL, Pixel 4a & 4a 5G, Pixel 5 & 5a, and Pixel 6 & 6 Pro. The Android 13 brings a lot of changes, such as privacy features like the new notification permission and photo picker. It also gets productivity features like themed app icons and per-app language support. It will now support modern standards like HDR video, Bluetooth LE Audio, and MIDI 2.0 over USB. Google has improved the support for large screen devices, starting with Android 12L.

Google said that the Beta 3 update would be rolling out as an incremental update to the existing Beta users. If you use any of the Google Pixel smartphones mentioned above and wish to enrol for the Beta update, you can register by visiting here.

Basith Rahman PP
Basith Rahman PP
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