Dark mode in Chrome for Android will apply dark overlay on web pages


Google is working on to bring the much anticipated dark mode in Chrome for Android. Perhaps the upcoming Chrome stable version 73 will board the dark mode as we’ve seen the feature in current Chrome beta 73. Well, it seems Google might bring a full-fledged dark mode where the web-pages to gonna have a dark overlay.

The current latest Chrome beta has the dark mode which is applicable only on Chrome’s UI elements. The webpages will load in its native form without any modification. However, as per the source, a code change that has been newly merged enables the Chrome to apply dark overlay on web pages too.

It’s not the first of a kind feature on web browsers as other popular browsers such as Samsung Internet and UC Browser feature it along before. Perhaps the Night Mode on Samsung Internet works pretty well at converting the web pages to their dark alternative. Hopes Google will be able to do much better than on the Samsung Internet, or at least equivalent.

Along with the Chrome for Android, the native browsing element of Android, the WebView will also get the Dark Mode. In short, both can darken web pages when in their respective dark modes soon. So guys, are you excited about the impending Dark Mode on Chrome? Do let us know your expectations down in the comments.

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