Facebook could soon launch Android-based Smartwatch!


Facebook has always actively participated in the digital race. In fact, it has either taken over its rival like WhatsApp or created something bigger than their competitors. Now, the social giant is making its way into the smartwatch world. As per the report by “The Information”, the brand is actively working to create an Android-based smartwatch that will be released by the next year.

facebook smartwatch

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The watch will perhaps function in the usual line-up of fitness, health or notification alert. What unique it will offer is that the smartwatch may come with the ability to send messages from the watch directly. According to sources, Facebook is creating its own proprietary OS rather than relying on Google Wear OS. The reason behind the mentioned statement could be that Facebook tried to buy Fitbit but Google got a higher edge.

Emilie Haskell, a Facebook spokesperson revealed that “We’ve been connecting people through audio and video technologies for many years and are always exploring new ways to improve that experience for people”. As this smartwatch is being powered by the social giant, unlike others, it is expected to indulge communal features such as allowing users to track workouts with friends or chat with trainers.

Reportedly, the debut version of the smartwatch will launch by the year 2023 which might be able to control augmented reality glasses and headset. Facebook is working on this along with creating its own operating system known as Project Aria.

The device will be in direct competition with the already available watches like Apple’s iWatch and Alphabet’s Fitbit. The social giant is likely to sell the watch at production cost without making profits to make it sustainable in first place in the market. Let’s hope that this Facebook operation doesn’t get abandoned.

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