WhatsApp is unfurling a new feature called “joinable group calls”

Imagine being stuck at work and missing an exciting group call from your friends or family, annoying isn’t it? WhatsApp has finally come up with a solution for this. The company is unfurling a new feature called “joinable group calls.” As the name suggests, the feature enables the user to join a group call few minutes after it started.


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Until now, if the user missed a group call, there was no way to rejoin it. This joinable group call feature will make it easier for the user to join the calls they’ve missed. The feature started rolling out on Monday so now you can catch up on the call you left. But remember it only allows to join the call minutes after it started. Moreover, in case you leave a call midway, you can also join back again after a couple of minutes.

Recently, WhatsApp enabled the option to share multimedia files in different qualities. In WhatsApp Beta v2.21.14.6, the user can now choose an image and video upload quality.  The feature displays as ‘Image upload quality’ and ‘Video upload quality.’ The sender gets three options to choose from — Auto (recommended), Best Quality, and Data saver.

In the “Auto (recommended)” option, WhatsApp will automatically apply the best compression for the respective image. As the name suggests, “Best quality” will send the picture in the highest possible quality consuming more data. Whereas, the “Data saver” option will compress the photo quality.

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